"I think WWLD? in my closet at least once a week and every single time I go shopping.  I buy a lot less gray and black and remember what 'works' for me.  Money and time so well spent.  I don't care who you are, you could probably use a bit of help before your next clothing purchase.  I thought my body type was 'Jennifer Aniston' and let's be honest... it's not.  I need to "make" some curves.  I need to "create" a waist.  I thought 'rouching' (ROO-shing) was my friend (alas, it made me look like a rail thin wafer -- not what I was going for).  I also had a lot of cute stuff in my closet that had never been paired together... or even worn!  I just didn't know what to do with it.  I love Lillian and I really love what she does for me and all of her clients.  Big. Fan."
- Theadora
Denver, CO

"This morning Lillian Charles, stylist and closet tamer, took me shopping through my closet.  After mixing and matching, trying on and discovering "new" classics that fit again, we whittled two closets down to one with year round options!  Lillian is amazing!
- Claire

Myrtle Beach, SC

"Lillian has transformed my wardrobe in a matter of weeks.  She helped me understand what looks good on me, decide on pieces to let go of and identify and shop for ones that I needed to buy.  Getting dressed in the morning is fun and easy now, and my new look makes me feel like sashaying around town!"
- Lori
Decatur, GA

"I have a very distinct style that transcends my casual and work attire.  Lillian not only took my personal style and boosted my clothing confidence, she combined pieces I would never have thought to wear together to create a whole new wardrobe out of clothes I already have.  I would recommend her to anyone as she has an ability to work within your own comfort level and make every piece of clothing count.  A wonderful and amazing experience, my wardrobe and outlook on dressing has been positively changed forever and I cannot thank Lillian enough!"
- Mary

Atlanta, GA

I have a closet full of clothes, but like most people I grab the same few pieces day after day ignoring the rest. Lillian quickly went through my closet, made suggestions as to what should stay and go, then proceeded to put outfits together that I would never have thought of. Best of all, she took photos so I have a reference gallery of outfits at all times. After our session she followed up with links to websites to purchase a few things to fill in my wardrobe. I highly recommend her services!” 

- Virginia

Myrtle Beach, SC

"In addition to being a loving confidante and friend, Lillian Gray Charles is a fierce fashionista!  When you throw in a touch of "Lils" fashion passion into a regular shopping trip - WOW - welcome to what life is supposed to be like in clothes!  Browsing the same stores I always visit, Lillian encouraged me to ditch my safe neutrals for fun pieces and integrate them into my basics.  She worked with me to create outfits that are fun, appropriate and classy (important for my government job).  I know for certain that I simply glow anytime I wear an outfit that Lillian has breathed inspiration into!
- Anne

District of Columbia