I love not having what I don't love.


I really love my wardrobe.

And you might be thinking "well duh, you shop for a living." Well, I do. But. So much of what I currently love about my wardrobe is that -- bare with me -- there's nothing in it that I don't love.  Unlike most of what's in our lives, we have a choice as to what stays and goes when it comes to clothes.  If you've walked into your closet recently and thought I really... don't... like... any... of these options," listen up.

You gotta let go of what isn't working before your dream wardrobe becomes a reality.

Discarding what doesn't work for you is the first step. Like a cleanse. And yeah, that goes for all the other major "feel better about your life" things, too.  Think about it, it's just DUMB to hold onto things that you don't even like. I keep a pretty pared down wardrobe but after Christmas this year I knew I really needed to get rid of even more before moving my new goodies into the closet!  

See if you identify when any of the following "reasons to purge."
(And then go. get rid. of your shit.) 

Here's what I purged after Christmas 2016:

-  Items I hadn't worn in a LONG time.
And yes, I'd had plenty of time and plenty of occasions to put them to use. 

-  Items that I liked but did not look good on me.
Just because you like a particular garment, doesn't mean it looks good on you.
Tough kitty paws. Be honest with yourself.

-  Items that I felt guilty parting with because I simply hadn't worn them much -- that's a dumb as hell reason to hang onto ANYTHING.

-  And the number one reason I'd held onto much of what I FINALLY got rid of:
I had TONS of clothes that I kept telling myself "I'd sell." But I never did because who has time to sell individual pieces on the internet ... omg it takes for-effing-ever.

I used to sell things on apps and in consignment stores and then if I couldn't get anything for the clothes, I'd Goodwill the stuff.  I'm over that.  I'm over the back and forth and price haggling and mailing things. TONS of my clients do it and many, many of them have made great money doing it!  Hooray for you guys!!!  I just don't really have the patience for it.

This year I did something a little different.  

I texted a few girlfriends and simply said, "I'm getting rid of a TON of stuff... want me to save you anything?" I had so much fun picking out barely-ever-worn clothes to gift my girlfriends! The advantage was, of course, that I have an idea of what would look good on who, which pieces would suit different friends' styles, personalities and wardrobe needs. But listen, even if you aren't sure of your friends' styles (much less your own!) maybe you have bags, jewelry or scarves that your friends would love. They get something new (to keep or do whatever with), you get room for something you REALLY want!  Gifting was way better than the money I'd have received -- and time I would've spent running around -- from sales.

Here are my bags full of things I TOTALLY wasn't using or didn't fit properly...

I don't care HOW you purge. I don't care what you do with the clothes you get rid of.  Donate, sell, gift, whatever.  

Just get rid. of what. You don't. LOVE.