A Few Great Pieces

Here's the thing about self-care as it pertains to Personal Style:

You just need a few GREAT pieces.


For me, the fall shopping list includes:
1. a kick ass blazer (even if I never step foot inside an office)
2. jeans to dress up and down
3. sophisticated tees
4. quality accessories to keep me from getting bored of my basics
5. sexy pumps
6. killer kicks and
7. a slinky date night dress (or two or three!)

Here's a little confession from your Stylist...
My hold up when shopping is often this: I do NOT like spending a ton of money on clothes that will fall apart after a few washes. Big brand names with top dollar tags do not impress me if the clothing doesn't feel good or wear well. I like a LOT of stretch in my clothes (because mobility is a must!) Pilling is my biggest pet peeve.  And I'd prefer to not dry clean absolutely everything. The struggle!

After working for (and falling in love with) lululemon athletica in 2012, I began to pay even closer attention to how my "non-lululemon" clothes held up. Every time I would go to get dressed for non-athletic events -- which was most of life --  I wished I had pants and tops that held me in, let me move and groooove and wore beautifully the way my workout wear did.

And then my days of pining for stylish yet
full-impact-ready clothing
came to a halt with the birth of
Kit & Ace.

Stylish, long-lasting, technical, machine-washable, wear anywhere, wear any way clothing that looks and feels impeccable... this brand has become the answer to virtually any style conundrum I've ever had. From sexy silk slip dresses to sassy cashmere crop tops, I feel totally confident when in Kit & Ace's luxury ready to wear line.


Now, I simply cannot wait to see YOU strut your stuff in these clothes, too. Let me show you how easy it is to throw together a unique-to-you wardrobe in these beautifully made pieces that will prepare you for all that life throws at you!  Please join me for a fantastic evening with my dear friends at the Kit & Ace store at Streets of Buckhead on September 21st between 5 and 7pm... and bring a friend!