Riddle me this:

I have seen the “biker short trend” all over Instagram and People Magazine but… I rarely ever see it IRL. And I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled! Even when I was in New York a few months ago, I didn’t see anyone airing their calves out. So, I started asking myself… why not?

BIKER SHORTS are the same “LOOK”
as the leggings you wear all winter. But shorter.

Maybe you’re unsure of how to style them. I got you.

First and foremost: this trend is for all sizes. SPANX offers this style in sizes XS to 3X (important ish, ya’ll.) You can see women of varying skin tones, heights, weights and ages rocking this look on sites like Refinery 29, ASOS and Good American (Go Khloe!) While I understand that few people below the Mason Dixon line (and few people who hire me to style them) will actually wear the shorts with a long-line bra + blazer as I’ve done in this tutorial video, I encourage you to keep an open mind on the rest of the options. Chances are, you own an oversized tee shirt (mine is men’s lululemon Medium), a white button down shirt, a denim jacket, streetwear sneakers OR a tunic top to layer under a bomber. In other words: ADD THE SHORTS, use what’s already in your closet.



And remember:

This is the Summer version
of the leggings you know and love.