lululemon really hit the nail on the head with the textured swimsuit trend! I have never ever had a more comfortable bathing suit and this is the most confident that (me and my short torso) I’ve ever felt in a one piece.

Yes, I admittedly went against my own “rules” on multi-purchase of a very similar style. But. For good reason. When you find JEANS, FLATS or BATHING SUITS that fit well and feel fabulous, you go for it. *same blouse in four different prints? Girl, stop.

If you missed my complete break down of shopping for your body — and not necessarily just settling on a color or shape that you “LIKE” — here’s the link showcasing my adventure to lululemon at Avalon to try on the 2019 swimwear collection.


While I’ve only linked lululemon bathing suits, (designed for cup sizes A to (small) C, sizes 2 to 12 ), I’ve shared my favorite summer sandals, cover ups and a few fabulous hats — all at various price points — below!