TAKING UP SPACE with Tallia Deljou

I am so thankful for Tallia Deljou and beyond honored to share the mic with one of the most whole-hearted women I've met in a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about STYLE THERAPY, intentionally Gray and +how to turn wounds into wisdom. I love you, TJ! And so inspired by ALL episodes of the Sincerely Me podcast!


‘Sincerely, Me’ is a podcast about self-discovery and inner work so you can show up more fully in your life. WIth a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews and meditations, this podcast will teach you the tools you need to cultivate a deeper relationship to yourself, align with your purpose, and find fulfillment from within. Hosted by International speaker and coach Tallia Deljou, ‘Sincerely, Me’ is a series of vulnerable conversations about what it means to live a life of significance.