t h i r t y


T H I R T Y 

WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so thankful for this day, every day before this one and the days ahead. 

I used to resent and hate the amount of feelings that I feel and the depth at which I feel them. In the last few years I’ve found deep gratitude for this gift of feeling so deeply. Today is no different. I feel so grateful, blessed, loved, cherished and complete. 
I am thankful for my many shortcomings that teach me, daily. I am thankful for loss because it has shown me strength. I am thankful for solitude because it has made me appreciate community. I am thankful for this body because I know that it is ever changing, aging, breaking down, evolving and repairing. 

I am thankful for the wealth that I feel in so many areas having nothing to do with my bank account. My family, who receives my intensity best— is my greatest, most treasured prize. 
I am thankful for the love I’ve learned to cultivate for the Divine that lives within. I am daily, monthly, yearly amazed by God’s ability to constantly breathe new life into me. Resiliency is near and dear to my heart.

No matter your age, I want to encourage you to stay present and accept days of extreme pain AND JOY! Feel them both. Believe that when you put your hand on your heart and say “I am worthy,” it is true. Acknowledge the strength of your body but more importantly, acknowledge the strength of your mind. You will feel your heart open up, retract, open up, retract. You will gain clarity along the way and remain in awe of life’s most beautiful, inexplicable intricacies. 
While we are here, let’s nurture our relationship with The Divine so that we can better show up for one another. And let’s celebrate! Every day. ♥️🔥 (Amen.)