This Zents Collab has me laughing at God’s ability to show me that (as I always say!) the answers are literally already there inside of us. The back story is that about two weeks ago I hit a bit of a rough patch, mentally/emotionally. I’ve been kind of going through the motions (if you’ve seen me and I haven’t seemed like myself, that’s why), turning inward, not wanting to socialize. Crying a lot! I completed my Zents interview long before this little bout of depression came on. So now, as it’s time to share our collaboration, I am reading my own words about Self Care (thank you, Jessica Durivage Kerridge *follow this Queen! 🙏🏻♥️) and getting to acknowledge that... all of that came from me. We all have the power to tap into love and hope and light. Thankful for #zentsofficial and for this reminder, from within.

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