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The long-short of my newest offering: I asked my Instagram followers to share their frustrations concerning getting dressed. What I found? We're most disgruntled with our wardrobe "situations" when we...own too much schtuffcan't find anything/lack organizationare not sure of what fits and what doesn'thave zero clarity around HOW TO DEFINE a unique and personal sense of style.

This past fall, I enrolled in an incredible virtual course with one of my own coaches, Danielle Dillard, and was amazed by the effectiveness of connecting weekly online with a small group of women. While you will have one 1-on-1 coaching call with me in this course, I am confident that you will also gain immensely (as I have!) from the power of community and hearing questions/answers from a small group. 

I am limiting this course to five women total. 

Each week, we will tackle a different part of your closet and build a tangible plan for wardrobe growth. Participating in this course online allows you to ask questions *live* as I walk you and others through a guided transformation of your closet, your Style and your sense of Self. You will have limited "homework" to help you build confidence in defining and owning your Personal Style.