Outrageous Valentines Day Gifts

I love Valentine's Day. 

I mean I LOVE! Valentine's Day. Surprised? I know. It's the craziest thing. I've been painstakingly (jk, hasn't been that bad) single for most of my 20's, I'm not a real girly-girl and don't have an extreme love of pink.

But I LOVE Valentine's Day. 


Target turns into a complete gem mine (like more so than usual), there's chocolate everywhere, flower prices spike (but whatever, they're so pretty to look at) and diamond companies go nuts with advertising. I don't know if it's the Taurus in me or what but bring me all the red wine, lingerie, chocolate and sappy cards. I. Love. It.

So, about three and a half weeks into January, I'm walking through Phipps Plaza and I notice all of this outrageous, outlandish Valentine's Day stuff. You know how companies move ALL red, silver, glitter, blush and neon pink merchandise that is available up to the front of the store? It was like walking around inside of a large box of individually wrapped chocolates.

And then I remembered that one of my clients recently asked me to write about items that I would buy "if I won the lottery." Now, honestly, ya'll... I would be insane with my wardrobe purchases if I were a millonaire. Totally INSANE. Okay, so, yes, I'd still be in a lot of black but I'd also be wearing things like this to the gas station. Other items I'd be purchasing around Valentine's Day if...

I won the lottery...

Giuseppe Zanotti - Bimba OTK Boots $1,095