Post Labor Day No's

I will be the first person to tell you that fashion rules are lame. You should always do what feels best for you and the climate that you're in.


if you're asking me (and you might be if you are reading this), I do think that there is such a thing as "best practices." In general, in life. A lot of what you'll see listed below is about fabric. You don't need to wear certain ultralight materials when it's below 78 degrees. 

Here are the (types of) items that I'm taking out of my clients' closets or moving to the back of the wardrobe until the Spring. 

Eyelit tops + dresses

Thank your eyelit pieces for all that they did for you when it was 90+ degrees out. But it's time for them to sleep through fall/winter now. Fold and put away.


Seersucker was created for the hottest weeks of the Southern summer. After LBD Weekend, you can put them to bed.

Neon Linen Tunics

And tunics that are linen that are not neon, TBH. Unless you're headed to Cancun in November, these can be put away (both beach cover ups and tunics you may have worn over shorts/jeans/linen pants.) 

Tiny Floral Rompers

Are you going to a luau? Are you going to a Pavilion on the beach? Are you going to a teenage spring break? No? Okay, put these away. (Honestly, if it looks like the one above, just put it in the give away pile...)

Linen suiting (and linen beach pants)


It's not time for full-on wool suiting. But it's past time for linen. Which is nice because these are such a pain to dry clean, right? 

You can probably wait until after September 21st for the following items
but if you're clearing your summer stuff out for the
next season and you want to go ahead and put away these pieces, go for it.

Cork & Roped (Espadrille) Heels
+ Straw Market Bags


Remember, rules are lame. 
Stick to whatever is "best practice" for you!