Keep Showing Up | HANSON

There's nothing like going to a Hanson concert and realizing that you've been listening to the same three stud muffins for over 20 years to make you feel young (nostalgic as hell) and old all at the same time. You guys, I literally was breathless for some of the songs. And for Zac, of course.  The brothers played for over two hours non-stop and reminisced over the 90's with their Atlanta fans.

To put things in perspective, the year that they were nominated for for 1. Best New Artist of the Year 2. Best Pop Performance and 3. RECORD OF THE YEAR Grammys in 1998...

...the youngest brother was ELEVEN YEARS OLD.  

Their first ever album, Middle of Nowhere, it went platinum 4x.

And then their second album tanked due to a poor record label signing. 

So, I'm standing there clapping and cheering and thinking about, well, their journeys and... I just can't help but cry. They are each married. They each have four or more children. They were child prodigies. They're playing to a crowd that's probably 1/5,000th the size of how many they played in front of for their Grammy performance and most of their concerts in the 90's.

And they are THRILLED.

I mean they are living their BEST! LIVES! ya'll. Refreshingly enough, there's ZERO mega screen with a video going nuts behind it the entire time, they're in the most basic black clothes I've ever seen anyone perform in and they are ALL SMILES.


There were several songs and comments that Taylor (middle child, lead singer) made throughout the show that resonated with me. He talked about not being affiliated with a big record label (anymore) and how they've had to kind of "wing it" and see what works with their own label, 3CG. He mentioned that big labels had told them that they'd never tour like they do now. He said that there have been years when nothing seemed to be happening with their music and then they'd get a gust of wind beneath their sails only to come back stronger. 

The brothers formed their band twenty-five years ago. And they haven't last their umph. Their love. Their passion. Sure, their crowds look different. We're all older, like they are. The crowds are smaller. But no less amped for the musicians' talents. There's something about their lyrics that grab my heart like few musicians' words do (save for John Mayer, I sobbed through his 2017 concert, tbh)

Taylor closed out the concert with this:

"If you keep coming back, we'll keep coming back."

I so I cried when I heard that, too. Although I've only been in business for six years in November, I feel the same way. As long as you keep showing up for me, I get to keep showing up for you. There's honestly no back up plan or alternative financial backing for me. It's all in your hands, well, in our hands. Hand in hand. I'm just one person doing what I can do to reach and touch and serve. Like Hanson! (lol) But really. It's my clients' trust in me and belief in the work that I do that allows me to keep showing up.

And boy do I love showing up for you.