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What's better than working out + wine + shopping? 
I have no idea, I've never experience a better combination of activities. If you feel similarly, be sure to register (it's free, we just need a head count!) for our gal pal meet up! 

Not convinced? How about 25% off of your entire Athleta purchase... because, yeah, that's gonna be happening, too. Here are a few of my fave Athleta pieces right now (side note: I fully expect you to high-brow these threads and say That's Athleta?! The answer is yes.)

deep breath bralette

High neck and long enough to serve as a crop top? Check.

helena suede jacket

You: can I really wear this over black? Can I wear it with navy? Can I pair it with a dress? 
Me: Yes, yes and yes. 

printed inhale bra

Convertible straps allow you to breathe easy with straight back straps or stay contained with X straps!

stellar blazer

I wish someone could have captured my reaction to this blazer last night. My fingers slipped over it and with a sharp inhale I whispered... what is this??? Because honestly, it feels like magic. Think the slickest, thinnest wetsuit material. If that sounds like something you'e been waiting your entire life to experience (I'm with you), well, it's here.

mesh shine salutation

sexy mesh contouring x the hottest color of the season
(aka dusty plum, aka rose aka deep blush)
= a no-brainer

gleam chaturanga to town tight

Do I even need to add an explanation as to why we ALL need these? No. I don't think so. 

wool cashmere spirit wrap

This is one of those pieces that you'll LIVE IN on the weekends, after class and even in/around the office. 

merino midi dress

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.14.03 PM.png

This plus your new Stellar Blazer? Yes, please. Wear with sneaks or booties.
Fool-proof Fall Staple.

washable silk button down

I absolutely had to include the full photo of this model in this MACHINE WASHABLE SILK (yes, you read that correctly!) top! I love this outfit and REALLY love that they included an "older" woman wearing this. I can't stand to hear that women in their 50's, 60's, 70's feel like they can't wear what women in their thirties are wearing when it comes to athleisure trends. YES you can! Look how stellar this model looks!!! So chic.

cotton cashmere cold shoulder sweater

*SIPS WINE* who knew we'd be planning our Thanksgiving ensembles this early in advance with items from Athleta...?!

adelynn by Jslides

Last but not least, these (online only) metallic sneaks seal the deal with all of the looks pictured above...

See you on Thursday night!