Questions for you:

How often have you grabbed a (sugary) juice after a work out?
Or dove into a bunch of cocktails after a long run? (raising hand here! guilty!) 
Have you ever stood in the protein-powder aisle at WholeFoods for a solid thirty minutes trying to figure out what to consume after your work outs? 
What makes you bulky?
What helps you build muscle? 

REVERE is changing the game for athletes of all shapes and sizes.  Co-founded by my brilliant bombshell friend, Alexandra Blodgett, REVERE was launched in July 2017.  



They've taken the guess work out of choosing your pre-work out energy drink and filled the industry's need for a natural-based formula. It doesn't have an after taste. It doesn't make you shakey. It doesn't feel like cocaine (I haven't tried cocaine but some of the pre-work outs that I have tried have made me feel like I was close to being on something similar, ya know what I'm sayin?) I drink this before my spin classes. Bonus if you love Peach Tea.


This is when I crave sugar the most. I just slayed a spin class or a session at CHAOS. And I'm starving. Boom. Vanilla Chai by Revere. Ingredients? Sweet potato. Rice + pea protein. Cherry tart. Electrolyte. Probiotic. That's it. // Sh-shake it in my sweet Revere glass bottle (comes with first shipment of goods) and I'm downing my drank with cold water. No sugar cravings.


The first time I tried REVERE products, my work out day consisted of 45 minutes of spin at The Forum Athletic Club followed by 75 minutes of heavy weight lifting in Fast Twitch. Holy shiet. I usually pass out for a few hours after this combo when I start my Saturdays this way. But I drank my (first ever) Peach Tea pre-work out. And I crushed my post-strength fuel after Fast Twitch. I swear to you, I did not skip a beat. And I also swear to you when I say I typically want to lay in bed for the rest of the day when I do that.

I have no idea how the chocolate flavor comes through but here's what's inside: 
Pea protein. Rice protein. Tart cherry. Sweet potato. That's it.


If you're thinking there's no way it's all natural... think again. 

OMG I bet you can't wait to get your hands on some Revere, right?  Perfect. 

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