what are these fur shoe things?

Fur Slides Explained...

The other day my girlfriend texted me a pic of a girl wearing something akin to these:

VINCE Garrison leather slide sandal 

VINCE Garrison leather slide sandal 

And her text to me read:







Of course I cracked up because a) I thought they were hilarious the first few times I saw them b) I was just photographed in some fur slides (the VINCE ones, of course.) And c) like everything else they are being sold at price points ranging from $15 (Urban Outfitters) to $250 (VINCE -- obsessed) to $595 (GIVENCHY)... in case you need real mink or rabbit fur on your pool slides.  So I casually responded, "They're super trendy. And kinda fun!"

"I could never pull those off." 

Was her response text.  I could tell she was surprised that I was/am a fan.  I hear this from clients ALL THE DAMN TIME as it pertains to kind of out-there trends. And I get it. This trend is conjurs memories of what we wore to swim meets in third grade or what your brother wore with socks after soccer games. Come to think of it, a super hot football player crush of mine use to wear them in the library -- with socks, obv -- at Wofford. I DIGRESS.

This time around, in 2017, the slides have fur on them. 

That's the fun of PERSONAL style, though, ya'll! You get to go anywhere with it. It's personal. I could go on and on about trends that I have not/will not choose... but that's not the point here. The point is that just because it's foreign (or retro with a twist) doesn't mean you have to shame it or avoid it. You get to choose whether or not you want to take it or leave and you also get to choose your price point. I cannot say this enough: when you're ready to try a TREND, choose the brand (and price point) based on how much you'll wear the item, not based on the brand/logo.

Here's how I put the slides to play...

Westcoast Rubber Side // $95 (not pictured)
Gavin (plain) leather // $195
Garrison fur slide // $250


Barely cropped wide-leg white denim from VINCE.  
        I love these because they're high waisted and cropped just enough to dust the top of the foot.
Bright bra from Urban Outfitters (similar)
The best jacket I've ever purchased from lululemon. Ever. Aptly named, "The Effortless Jacket"


VINCE Garrison Fur Slide Sandal
MADEWELL  the perfect summer jean + headscarf
Stella & Dot engravable necklace + ring



And lastly, after the photoshoot that I had with Arnel Hasonović I saw one of my favorite muses sporting almost the exact same look that I'd put together for our shoot... #proudstylemoment


... which is obviously just the summer version of this post.

Keep it simple, ya'll.



My summer evening attire = a slip dress + tuxedo blazer and stylish slides. #ootn

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