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Do you even know how much black, white, gray and army green that I own? Like... A TON. 

But do you know how much I love tigers? Same answer to the question above!

Obsessed with this silky little tigress number from J.Crew. Wear with: leather pleated skirt, ripped jeans, white denim and metallic slides. 

Vince Camuto Jumpsuit

Vince Camuto Jumpsuit


If you find yourself consistently trying to prove your worth,
you've already lost sight of your value.

Do you ever get so caught up in hoping and praying that you'll get picked, get noticed, be hired or get chosen that you lose sight of how magnificent you are?  When we look to others -- a relationship, work, family -- to be the one or ones to validate our worth, we place our self-worth on a moving target. Jobs fall through. Relationships fail. Families will disagree. Self. The deepest part of who you are. The sheer holiness that is you. That must be honored by you, for you.

If you are your greatest inner critic, where can you shine light within?

What part of you needs to hear FROM YOU that you are enough? Maybe you feel amazing in your job but you're disappointed in your relationship. Maybe you love your family but feel let down by the state of your body. Instead of focusing negative attention: why is this this way? what happened to me? what's wrong with me? on your issues, flip it: how can I get to the next milestone? what is working in my favor? what do I love about myself?

I'm rooting for you.



These week is TRULY a hodgepodge of craziness, slow jams, dubstep and everything else in between. Zero rhyme or reason. ENJOY!




Alex Blodgett, you fox you. Here she is, starting up another company. Improving lives and kicking ass. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to visit Alex and check out REVERE in New York.

REVERE offers pre and post-work out formulas that will boost your workouts and keep you satiated after both cardio and strength exercises. The products used are all natural. Read that again. The products in these packets are ALL NATURAL! So crazy.

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