Smile Brilliant

I had braces twice: first during the normal tween years and then during the I'm-too-old-for-this Junior and Senior years of high school. Thanks, Mom and Dad!  When my braces were removed and my teeth were legit perfection, I had a whitening tray made along with the normal night time retainer. I don't even remember getting past one round of whitening with those trays because my teeth are so beyond sensitive. 

Over the past 10+ years, I've tried a few other tray-style whitening kits -- nothing custom -- as well as the regular ol' Crest whitening strips. Whitening is something that I know I need to do due to the absolute beating that my teeth endure due to copious amounts of coffee that I consume daily. But because my teeth ache and are super sensitive after whitening, I've never really stuck with it to see the results I've desired.

Thankfully Smile Brilliant found me and I fell in love.

(...still waiting for that to happen with a guy, btw.)

The entire whitening process has been easy-peezy (even fun!) and quick and most importantly, pain-free.  Here's how the process works:

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Step 2: Receive your SmileBrilliant impression kit.


Not gonna lie, this part was amazing and I wish I could have made like seven trays. But I only have two rows of teeth...

Roll all that puddy stuff together
(think playdough for adults)

NOTE! You really do need to be wary of the time it takes you to roll puddy and get it into your mouth. It hardens really quickly! Thankfully, SmileBrilliant has thought of everything and they included an extra puddy kit for those of us who are't the best at following directions the first time around...

Looks like a lot of work but it's totally not.  The hardest part about all of this was keeping my drool in check for the bottom-tray making. Seriously. I drooled profusely.

Now listen, if you're like wait do you even know what you're putting in your mouth? The answer is yes. SmileBrilliant's ingredients are VEGAN and totally cruelty-free. 

Step 3: send your SmileBrilliant puddy-impressions back to them with the pre-labeled packaging that is provided to you. EASY.

Step 4: Receive your lovely thin, easy to insert new trays...

They practically showed up over night! SO fast. 

Step 5: Use the whitening syringe + trays as directed.

Step 6: Apply desensitizing gel as directed.



(Don't forget to use my code: LILLIANCHARLES20)