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Scrolling through the Stella & Dot Sale page, I could not believe how many of my favorite pieces are getting retired! Good news for you, that means many of them are now marked down, including the Icon-Convertible Watch. Ya'll. It's $55. Down from $148. 

Reasons I love this watch:
1. It works. I've had mine about two years and have never had any issues with it. Two year warranty.
2. Do you see on the left there's a gold face and on the right there's a silver face? It's the same watch. Stella & Dot has created this ridiculously awesome way to click on an off (almost like a screw top) different finishes for different looks. The hands and dials on the face of the watch are alternating gold and silver. Brilliant.
3. The black wristband has only gotten better with time. I love the leather and it's molded to my wrist perfectly.
4. I mentioned it's currently on sale for $55, right?



There comes a time when nothing is meaningful except surrendering to love.
— Rumi

Love heals. Love accepts. Love mends. Love nourishes. Love knows no evil. Love expels darkness. Love is light. Love is the way. Love is essential. But we fight it. We ignore it. We reject it. We escape it. Sometimes, some people - myself included - have to work to "accept" it.

So, when I saw the word "surrender" in this quote, I felt a connection to it. "Accepting" something denotes that we have to really work to achieve a result.  Swallow the issue, get over it, accept it. The word surrender, to me, means simply Being with what Is. 

A new character in my life recently inspired me to read over the journals I used to pour myself into throughout darker years. As I read the words of my past I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion and sympathy for my younger self. I looked at an entire stack of journals that read, "God make me this way, make me better, make me different." I was desperate, really, to be someone else in so many ways. But at some turning point... I stopped asking God to make me into something I wasn't and started surrendering to Myself just as I was at the time. Now I know that it is not "asking to change" that solves the comparison issue. It is surrendering to love that heals. 

The next step is something I'm excited and scared AF to do and that is to surrender to love from others. No striving, no wrestling, no running. Just surrendering. And being present to what is essential: Love. 🖤




This week's tunes are mostly
House + Hip Hop!




I met colors, shapes, textures and scenes guru Sheyda Mehrara in late 2015 during her brief stint at Kit & Ace. She is one of the marketing gurus behind Atlanta's beloved Ponce City Market... and happens to have a stunning Instagram account of her travels and lovely things she sees, on the reg.

Keep an eye on this account, it's gonna blow up!