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Welcome back to Sharing is Caring take dos!  As you saw in the last post, Sharing is Caring features what I'm loving right this second. I hope you enjoy these items, tunes and people as much as I do!


This color I'm wearing there ^ is #300 and pretty "neon" at first but faded into the natural color of my lips quite well. It's also the first matte stain that I've tried that didn't leave my lips totally burned from drying them out. And it's Armani... I didn't even know that Armani made make up (at least I can admit that I'm no beauty/skincare expert.)

I recently started taking make-up (outside of just lipstick!) more seriously so, for my birthday this year, I went and had my make up done. It's so much more FUN when you trust the make up artist to do the job well. If you need a quick, fabulous appointment, Leah Connors at Saks 5th Ave's (Phipps Plaza) Laura Mercier counter. 

Giorgio Armani // Lip Maestro #300


WISDOM is knowing we are all One.
LOVE is what it feels like and Compassion
is what it acts like.
— Ethan Walker III

This quote took my breath away. Wisdom: the great understanding that our lives, exteriors and circumstances may be different but as humans, as souls, as individual units of The Divine and creatures made in God's image, We Are One. Recognizing this in the simplest form, I'm overcome with love. For myself, surprisingly. For nature, for space, for strangers, for animals. When you hold this love of humanity -- this love that is essentially "what is in me, is in you" -- in your heart, the only reaction is compassion. Suffering, like love, is universal. And it can only be diminished with love and compassion. 



A unique blend of moderna, hip-hop and old school. Catch me jamming out to songs like these at The Forum Athletic Club, Buckhead.  

MON + TUES @ 6A and



The following account is one of my favorites to follow and favorites to share with my clients.  Looking at my friend Kerry Hays' art elicits something poignant, pensive and peaceful in me. I am confident that her oil on canvas paintings will conjure similar sentiments for you.  Working together, Kerry and I have collaborated on design schemes for specific spaces within my clients' homes.  Follow Kerry on Instagram at @kerryhaysart and let know if you are in need of an installment or special gift!