I can’t stop staring at this photo taken by my mom. When I opened the text that revealed it this morning, it literally took my breath away. 

The flame. A flicker of hope, the ability to light up a space, the warmth of its glow. A symbol of our inner light, our highest Self.

The lantern both encompasses this light and protects it. There is visibility of the light but it is untouchable. The flame cannot be manipulated or extinguished.

The softness of the roses gently draping over the vase represents... the way I want to be. They are full and soft; aware and strong. They’ve lost petals but their beauty remains.

The fallen pieces of the flowers create a stunning dynamic... take your thumb and cover the petals on the surface. Without the lost petals, it’s a two dimensional image that portrays roses without the wounds of loss. There is beauty in shedding petals, in keeping the petals in view instead of sweeping them to the side.

This image also represents the focus points of this month, for me.

GRACE towards myself. Where I have lost or fallen down, I breathe into the hurt and do not sweep it away immediately.
I make space for GROWTH and acknowledge change and transition in a positive manner.
I let my heart’s INTENTIONS — to light up those around me — be at the forefront of my actions and my words. Where I fall short of this, I make corrections.
And GRATITUDE for beauty, particularly for my physical shell, which is healthy, cancer free and beautiful each and every moment.

If you have read all the way to this point, take a moment... send some love inward with an inhale, find the internal flame that is your higher Self. And exhale the love you found with that full breath.