Shopping trip: Snaptchat Edition

Ya'll remember Kimberly, right?  Beautiful 5'2" red(ish) head? Curvy. Petite. Athletically-inclined. She allowed me to go through her closet and edit in a major way a few weeks ago. I left things a little bare. But. I will never leave you nor forsake you... nor entirely abandon you with an empty wardrobe!  So, with mighty promises to fill up and fill-in K's closet, we set out to locate the perfect pieces for fall last week.

A solid, beautiful, versatile wardrobe is built on basics.

If you didn't read or watch Kimberly's Closet Edit story/video, here's a recap:

-  Kimberly had clothes in her closet from college... dated, tired, college-y.

-  Her body has changed in subtle ways that made her clothes not fit as well... isn't that the case for everyone?

-  Her struggle to put together knock out ensembles for date nights and drinks with girlfriends was understandable because the style of her clothing was all over the place. I'm talking frills and bohemian stuff, pearls, floral, prints, zippers, etc.  When you have zero classic, great-fitting pieces, putting together an endless number of outfits is practically impossible.

Here's our day of shopping... keep reading, explanation of items below!

Neutrals: the basis of your wardrobe
Texture: makes life interesting
Accessories: brings depth to your outfit
Heel height: commands attention

As soon as Kimberly slipped into well-fitting pieces, I saw a light switch flip ON. She began to pull items out of the bag from the previous store and said "oh man, and this goes with this and this goes with this and I can wear this with this AND this with this!" YES, lady love! All of that is true!!! Flattering, versatile pieces! This is the goal!  I showed Kimberly how she could wear the same outfit with stud earrings and flats AND wear that outfit with pumps and a statement necklace. Your wardrobe should work for you, not against you.

Working well within our budget
Here's what Kimberly brought home:


  • skinny, high rise denim
  • "boyfriend" fit slightly more relaxed denim
  • black high rise denim with knee rips (little edgy!)
  • a cotton sleeveless, mock turtle neck top - "grape" color
  • sleeveless blouse with V cut out in back - black
  • long peplum top - deep ocean green
  • neutral suede booties with heel
  • mockneck swing dress - heathered gray


  • block heel pumps "tomato" color
  • open-toed wedge booties - neutral 

EXPRESS (don't knock it til ya try it, ya'll!):

  • wide leg pants for dress up - black
  • 2 cotton halter crop tops to wear as layers - black, white
  • simple v-neck tee - white
  • long sleeve denim "boyfriend fit" button down
  • cut out shoulders sweater - heathered black/white
  • off the shoulder top with lace "cut out" sleeves - maroon
  • open cardigan in light gray, fits like a terry cloth blazer (super awesome)
  • loose sweater - gray 
  • oversized cardigan with open back - black (you just have to see it!)


  • Rebel Pendant
  • Totem Layering Necklace
  • Aria Drop Earrings

Listen to me, ya'll. The lines of your clothing, the placement of the accents and details (zippers, ruffles, lace, buttons, etc.) MUST hit you in the right places for a garment to look amazing on you. The garment that you wear SHOULD feel like a reflection of you. Please DO wear figure-flattering articles of clothing. And...

it is MORE THAN OKAY to feel sexy at 10:30 in the morning on a Wednesday.  

Figuring out the details that make your closet an exciting place to be is key. This. Does. Not. Come. Naturally. For. Everyone.  If you are beating yourself up for not knowing how to do something that you were never taught or simply were not born knowing how to do, stop.  Ask for help. Take the time and space to care. Empower yourself. Elevate yourself. Love yourself.