Closet Edit: Snapchat Edition

Of course it would be stellar to have a camera crew to follow me and my dear friend Kimberly into her closet but alas, that was not the case last week!  Kimberly and I had just met up for a quick morning work out only to find that the class we'd wanted to attend was full.  After a few moments sitting in my car I looked and Kimberly and chirped, "can I come play in your closet?" What you'll see below is nothing fancy, it's a series of short shots taken on Snapchat (find me there for more hilarity and tips: lilchuck88) with a few insightful tips thrown in... hope you enjoy!

Immediately upon stepping into K's closet I knew what the final verdict would be: we'd have to go shopping. THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR EVERY CLIENT!!!!  But Kimberly had clothes from college, clothes that were gifted to her, clothes that didn't fit her body and clothes that were a little too worn for wear. As you saw in the video... we had a pretty hefty "out you go!" box.

Her next step is shopping. Although Kimberly's a bit skeptical... I'm not out to recreate her style, I'm simply around to show her
1) what's missing
2) what works on her shape
3) what fits her lifestyle + personality
4) where to find the pieces she needs, according to her budget. 

Having not put much thought or action into curating an "adult" sense of style, my friend had a variety of pieces that not only did not fit well but didn't mix and match well, either. Through out her short session we discussed what she thought might be her personal style. Truth be told, we are still deliberating on that!  We do know this, we don't need to reinvent the wheel or break the bank. We'll go with what we know works and try some outside of the box ideas.  Below you'll find an idea of what I'm thinking as solid and accurate ideas for Kimberly: classic, feminine and chic

  • Two pairs of denim: one ripped & white, one dark & high-waisted.
  • Peep-toe booties
  • Stack heel (read: comfortable!) suede sandals -- great transition for fall.
  • One colorful pair of kicks for days when you want to wear gray yoga pants (or all neutral, anything!) around. They don't have to be orange... just fun!
  • The patterned-off-the-shoulder top nods to Kimberly's classic (read: slightly preppy!) side but the pendant and booties updates the whole look. She can wear a top like this "front-tucked" with jean shorts or worn out with a flared pair of denim (as long as they're long enough for the petite gal.)
  • I love the Madewell top because it's just a great basic in a color that will be perfect on Kimberly and pair nicely with anyyy neutral or even bright colored bottom (i.e. a chartreuse pencil skirt)
  • The jewelry is all easily mix and matchable can be stacked, layered or worn alone.
  • Aside from the shredded white denim from Rag & Bone ($200), all of these items are moderately priced, from $34 for the LBD to $150 for the stacked Madewell wedges.

Like what you see?!