#NSALE 2016


I tell ya what. It's a good thing that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is only "open" for a limited time because I swear I could spend months on end locating new treasures amongst these magical (online) pages.  If you didn't catch the July WLC Newsletter with details on just how epic this sale is, here's the gist of it: 

This... this is the best kind of sale. It’s not the left overs of the season or the tough-selling pieces that were returned... it’s the best of what’s to come! Every summer, Nordstrom rolls out and marks down the greatest styles from your favorite brands for the upcoming FALL season for a limited time (through August 7th.) While I believe in living in the present... I’ll never turn down a sale that will benefit me in the future! Click below to schedule a time for us to shop the sale!

Last year I pinned what was probably an overwhelming number of items from the #NSALE and focused primarily on office wear.  This year I only pinned items that I, personally, would buy and wear.  I could have done something open and generic but this feels more authentic and this is what suits my style.  

If you aren't in love with what I've chosen, no big deal!!! Your lifestyle, budget, shape (body) and personality may very well NOT line up with what I've pinned.  My job as a Stylist is to help you create a wardrobe and a way of moving through the world that feels incredibly in sync with your vision for yourself.  Don't have a vision?  I can help you with that, too!

Enjoy perusing, feel free to reach out to me here with questions!

**** Unfortunately, the second half of the pins are not linked directly to the images that appear on the pins. For whatever reason, Nordstrom's pin button does not link when pinning from the greater-view page... only when on the direct link!