One of the most powerful “campaigns” during my time at Agnes Scott Colleg was in Spring of 2009. It was my second semester as a transfer student and I was struggling on many levels. I looked up at a humongous wall of photos of my student peers who had identified parts of themselves that they LOVED. The wall was littered with photos of tummies, toes, teeth, lips, booties, wild hair, freckles etc. It made me smile and it made me proud. But at the time I wasn’t sure what it was about myself that I really loved... at all. Today, I can rattle off a list of things that I love from the INSIDE OUT about myself. You might roll your eyes or scoff at that... but this is important work. And it doesn’t happen over night, people. You don’t go to therapy for one session, meditate for one 20 minute sitting, change your hair color or move to a new city and say “okay! I love me!” ... We are like onions. There are layers to learn to about ourselves and layers of ourselves to love. 

photo by Alan Matthews

It’s been said that we fall into a line of work that helps us heal ourselves. Well, here I am! I cannot wait to sit amongst fellow female empowerment entrepreneurs at Wigwam Fest: A Wellness Experienc tomorrow morning. Self-love is about cultivating a relationship with yourself, knowing your body and ultimately making the best decisions for yourself based on what you know to be true for you. Looking forward to this bad ass panel with Britt Grace McElheney and Julia Dunbar, monitored by the one and only Ashley Hesseltin <3 

p.s. I'm really digging my shoulders these days ;)