Black + White 2016

I must admit, when I find out that I'll be attending an event, a wedding, a function, a party or what have you, I typically enjoy the fun of "getting ready" for the occasion more than actually attending!

That is totally not the case when it comes to Guest List Atlanta events! Guest List Atlanta is a social club established by Atlanta's favorite brothers, Fred and Andre Smith.  Last night the brothers hosted a Black + White themed charity ball to support She Is Safe, a non-profit committed to "restoring the lives of abused and exploited women and girls in high-risk places, equipping them to live in freedom."  

Okay, back to the clothes.  Knowing that I would probably not wear black, I originally ordered multiple shades of golds and silvers and even some sky blue outfits.  But out of the hundreds of dollars of ASOS items that I received in the mail, this "Playsuit" took the cake.  
The ICING on the cake...? It was $51.

I put it on and felt FABULOUS.  Now, listen. I will be the first to say that credit card debt is an absolute bitch (bare with me) and you GOTTA PAY YOUR BILL OFF ASAP!  But when it comes to ordering boots, coats, dresses (especially)... use your credit card.  Order a TON.  Return ASAP.  I have paid the $19 ASOS "membership" the past two years.  You get unlimited two day shipping for the year and it's a real life saver when you want to try on a million things as quickly as possible!

I'd just bought the Carrson Sandal by Steve Madden and they are truly not bad on the feet so I knew I'd wear them for the event.  Although I've looked around at nicer brands for this particular style, I actually, honestly like Steve Madden's version the best!  And I'm a real stickler when it comes to nice, quality, beautiful shoes. At $89, these were a no-brainer. 

To tie the black shoes into the look, I chose...

The whole look was finished off with this boyfriend-length BCBG blazer that I already owned!  


I think it's safe to say that... I literally loved my look.  I often write about coining your personal style in a few key terms.  I've narrowed mine down to Posh and Sporty (yes, like the Spice Girls...)  And I felt just that in my black + white get up.  When you dress for a feeling... to feel strong, to feel beautiful, to feel empowered, to feel worthy, to feel sexy, to feel confident... that's when you win. And that's what I want you to think about when you get dressed, my friend.