#cycdforTW with lululemon



On September 26th & 27th, Cyc Fitness will be taking thirty bikes to the most magical music festival there is, TOMORROW WORLD!  The four ladies pictured above (including your very own Stylist) will be teaching rides alongside the creator of Cyc Fitness, Keoni Hudoba and we couldn't be more CYC'D!

After the initial shock of hearing that I'd be getting to go to something so spectacular to experience what I love so much (Cyc, Friends, MUSIC! ... people watching) my next, most immediate thought was, of course: 


And what better place to start brainstorming and putting together outfits than lululemon athletica?  I'll be spinning, moving, grooving, sweating (a lot) and still want to look fresh and put together (duh.)  Here's what I came up with:




This versatile wrap was waiting for me to pick up as soon as I walked into the store. It's name? The Sun to Moon scarf. Perfect. I'll be in the Sun AND under the Moon at Tomorrow World! A light, light weight cotton wrap with tiny tassels is all a girl can really ask for when it comes to a simple festival layering, am I right? 


Next: The pants.
People. These pants. The fabric offers the sensation of being naked. NAKED, ya'll. I felt like I was wearing loose, opaque panty hose... in public. The lightest fabric I've ever put on my body. Check. The Align Pants made it home with me. I haven't been to too many festivals but I'm pretty sure that a sexy crop top is like... a must. The SUPERB BRA fit like a glove and felt fabulous. This bad boy will be great with virtually any bottoms or layered under an off-the-shoulder tee.






Yes, lots of fun and games will be had but let's be honest, it's gonna get hot and tent set up has to happen at some point (just not for me, I'll be staying at home at night!) 
I chose a Vitasea (fabric) tank, bad ass Baller Cap and Hotty Hot shorts  as the perfect combination of pieces for campsite set up day. This "All You Need" duffle bag is the bees' knees (I have an older version, myself) and will fit all your festi-needs for the weekend. 



This Pack It Up Back Pack provides just enough room for my all-day non-stop fun-in-the-sun needs: phone, water bottle, map, sunscreen, snacks, spin shoes & towel.

The DANCE TO YOGA tank (see below) looked fabulous with its subtle v-shaped neckline and felt great, too -- light support for a lightly endowed chick = perfection.  


aNo need to pack a ton of bottoms; I hopped back into those buttery-soft Align Pants to complete this casual "exploration" outfit. 

My Stella & Dot RELIC Necklace off sets the utilitarian backpack and elevates the whole look. 

Flip flops or Nike Internationalist sneaks are my go-to options for footwear with this getup.





The Pleat to Street skirt is honest to goodness the best skirt that lululemon has developed in the last five years. I LOVE IT.  Flirty, sporty, sassy, it's all a gal needs for a sweaty day (or night) at the festival. Built-in luxtreme shorts make booty-shakin' an easy, no-brainer decision. Tomorrow World's over-arching theme is that of a majestic, enchanted forest so, naturally, I went with the butterfly-print Free to Be Wild bra to add a little fun to this two-part "night out" look.  This crossbody "Party Om" bag is a lululemon staple that I've wanted for years... perfect for a night under the stars and at the bars of Tomorrow World!


And at the end of the night (or maybe break of dawn?), sweaty or not, you'll be needing to wipe down, hydrate and re-boost. The Sweaty or Not Kit has all the compartments needed to hold your get-clean supplies and fits perfectly in the Pack It Up backpack as well as the duffle bag. "Dance, Sing, Floss & Travel" -- lululemon has their priorities figured out...



My raison d'être. When it's time to TURN UP with Keoni, I'll have my beats ready, my tots tucked (into this Lighten Up Bra) and my spin shoes in tow(te) -- GO TIME means SHOW TIME at Cyc Fitness.  

We cannot wait to share the most magical ride of our lives with YOU!


Fantastic outfit options from lululemon + one kick-A Tomorrow World playlist... you're now totally #cycdforTW, right? We know you want to come with us... and we've made that easy for you with two ways to win tickets:

  • Every Wednesday in September. Cyc Fitness - Atlanta Buckhead will giveaway two tickets to the music festival in our Tomorrow World theme rides.  Simply sign up for class, enter to win and rock out with a stellar Cycologist for 45 minutes
  • Enter Cyc's #cycforTW sweepstakes to win a 3 day, VIP all access package to stay in Dream Village. by snapping a pic of how you're getting #cycdforTW (use the hashtag!), tag @cycfitness, @tomorrowworld + 3 friends!