Move Over, Fear.

I recently admitted to myself that I've been playing small in an area of my life in which I feel so very passionate: writing. Over the past four years I've written for multiple publications on "fashion" topics dictated by "trending topics" and editors. Writing for others has allowed me to keep up my skills without the vulnerability of sharing my heart in written word. This is playing small at its finest. 

The list of excuses that I've made for not writing on my own is LONG...

I do NOT have a photographer on hand, available to snap shots of me posing on bridges or in a field of flowers.
I don't care to report on trends.
I don't have a nice ass camera.
I cuss too much in my own personal dialogue.
I'm not getting paid to (metaphorically) put the pencil to paper on my own site.
Who is going to read this anyway?

All doubt. All reasons that I'm not good enough or reasons that I will presumably be judged for my inadequacies. And yet I have this business that exists solely to relay this message (among others) to women, to you and even to myself: YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

So I've given up the paychecks from and security of writing for other people and companies in an effort to share more of myself with you and to be more honest with myself. The pictures won't be perfect, there will be a slew of cuss words in some posts and I won't always be consistently consistent. But I'll be open, available and vulnerable. Hope you stick around... <3