Your personal style is NOT a hodge podge of just about anything and everything that is produced by Anthropologie.  There are certain items that you gravitate toward, love and wear (on repeat) over the years... and there's always a pattern to the madness.  I suggest coining your personal style, first and then expand with "push" pieces -- items that expand and add depth to your look.  Not sure what your personal style is?  Forget searching for trends around you, examine your own closet -- or Pinterest boards!  

  • What reoccurring themes do you see? 
  • Does your "dream" (Pinterest" wardrobe reflect what is in your closet?

I encourage my clients to coin their personal style in one to two words.  For example, my style is a mix between 1990's hit singers Posh Spice and Sporty Spice.  And a dash of the White Power Ranger on my best days.  Because why not?  

For now, we’ll stick with Posh n’ Sporty.  And that’s what my Pinterest reflects:


My “Posh Pins” show a versatile, chic, laid back but luxurious style with pins that burst with pops of solid colors, leopard prints, leopards with lots of studded shoes and bags mixed in:


I’ve got a Style Your Fit Life Pinterest board — which highlights my love for black work out gear, all things lululemon, plus cozy, comfy post-gym pieces.  

photo courtesy of

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Annnd a board JUST for my killer kicks selection:

i freak for sneaks

From this screen shot of sneakers, it's clear that I:
- love neutrals
- appreciate funky patterns
- gravitate toward tiny, spectacular details.  

If you haven’t begun to use Pinterest, think of it as your virtual vision board just for your closet or specifically for ____ whatever else you want to focus on.  If nothing else, you’re generating ideas and storing them in a visual way.  You can’t lose.  Pin away!

All photos courtesy of Lillian’s pinterest boards