"I'm a personal stylist," I told my INTIMACY bra fit specialist, "and I know you don't know me so, you do the measuring and I'll tell you what I like." She laughed and set out to measure all parts of my "petite" chest.

"I'm bold and sassy but... still feminine. No white and no plain ol' tan. I need a bra that works in my favor. I'm talkin' straps, no straps, push 'em up, push 'em together, whatever needs to happen. Bring me a miracle... in a bra!"
And she did. I ended up with a gorgeous two-toned black and tan balconette style bra with mesh overlay and lace/beading on the sides. It's perfect and I'm so proud of it. If you're one of my insider clients, I've probably flashed it to you at one point or another. It's a gem of a bra. And worth every penny.


Whether it's a positive thing or not, your under garments say as much about you -- your personality, your lifestyle, your relationship with your body -- as the rest of your wardrobe. Do you gravitate toward one ill-fitting lace push up on the days you don't wear a sports bra (that was me before Intimacy!) Do you have one black bra and one nude bra -- period? Do you exclusively wear outrageous, bright, striped, leopard, neon undergarments? How many bras do you own that simply do not fit? Do you even know what size bra you should be wearing?  

Bring your tears, fears, small boobs, fake boobs,
old boobs, mom boobs and everything in between...