You're sitting at your desk, eating your made-at-home lunch, perusing some deals online. 
You're finding that the sales on summer items really are close to 50% off -- in some cases more.
You don't have much time -- you really did want to eat lunch at your desk to get some extra work done.  Or peruse facebook.  Or whatever.
You glance at the clock.  Your credit card information is saved.
Free shipping (both ways).



Oh sh!t...
Fine print underneath got ya:
                                             final sale

Fast-forward a few days and you have your new -- non-returnable -- skirt.  

You curse under your breath (again) in embarrassment as you realize you've been duped and you're now out $70 on a skirt that's a tidge too long for your height, the pleats don't look quite like they do on the model and the fabric looks cheap and scratchy in person.  

Maybe you don't play the "Final Sale" game. 
Good for you.

But how many tops have you purchased JUST because they were on sale?

... I'll wait.

Most of your closet? 

SKIP the mistake-purchase.



I'm offering SHOP @ LUNCH because I KNOW that
$35 is about what one pays for a mistakenly-purchased "Clearance top"!  

Let's meet at lunch, between 11am and 3pm, any business day and SHOP.  

You'll leave the stores with ONLY the pieces in which you look FANTASTIC and you won't spend money on pieces that just don't belong in your wardrobe. 

fine print:

  • cannot be used to purchase gift cards
    • i.e. "buying a gift card for someone to shop at lunch" -- give them money and they can purchase "SHOP @ LUNCH" time, themselves!
  • Not available outside of listed times/days/dates.