The Quest for Love

I stole today.  Not really.  But I did borrow this...

Life is to be lived with beauty, passion and thrill. If, through past experiences, we allow someone else to come and take that from us or we wait for that someone else to provide what our heart desires, we have given that person a power that is only ours. Take that back.Allow your inner goddess to be a fighter. The quest for love is one of the most honorable and worthwhile fights that we could ever encounter and one that we can, absolutely, be champions of.

Tonya Leigh

, the writer of this blurb is a world-renown writer and inspirational leader with a passion for romancing life and teaching others to love themselves. 

I truly believe that we all have that inner goddess in us.  While we may not call her a "fighter" from day to day... we have the ability to call her forth and into action in times of need.  You don't have to be going through a divorce or the loss of a job to call on the warrior woman inside of you.  Check in with her day to day, are her needs being met?  

The choice is yours.


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