So Worth Loving

I set up my Stella & Dot display and sat down to munch on some hummus and celery.  As I sat on the floor next to my table, a little pixie fairy walked in.  No, seriously, look:

This is Eryn Eddy Erikson and I'm totally stalking her.
I actually stole this picture from her facebook... and we're not even facebook friends. Yet.  

Eryn haphazardly became a self-love-through-fashion entrepreneur in 2011 after starting a blog about self-worth and self-love.  I know, amazeballs.  Here's the message behind So Worth Loving, from Eryn herself:

If you didn't at least tear up a tidge over that message... what the hell is wrong with you?
Get off my blog.
Just kidding.  Sort of.  

It's seriously the most simple, most complicated and most important message: you are so worth loving.

I've thought about this quite a bit in the past 18(?) hours since I met Eryn and discovered her brand.  What's so tough about self love?  What's so hard about feeling worthy?  We get SUPER caught up in all the ways that we've been wronged and wronged others, how we've failed, where we've fallen short of expectations.  I'm not sure what the answer is to finding that feeling of self-love and worthiness of love... but I think a good piece of it is showing others how worthy they are of being loved.
I love that Eryn has made this her mission and it makes me even more proud to carry out my work as a wardrobe consultant.  You deserve to look and feel your best.  You deserve to feel safe.  You are worthy of being loved!  And you were to created to love others.

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