I have made a small fortune using Poshmark over the past two weeks or so.  And by small fortune I mean... anything is a bonus when you get money for things you will never wear again.  It's NOT hard to do.  Here's how to pile up your pennies using Poshmark...

Step 1 -- Decide what you want to sell. 

How do you know when it's time to let go (aka make money from stuff you don't even like or fit into)?

Step 2  -- Determine the value of your item.

  Do not let your emotions get involved here.  The fact that the guy that broke your heart gave you ______ does not make it more valuable to the next person.  Sorry, it just doesn't.  The Poshmark buyer is looking for somewhere between a 40-75% discount.

Google the item you want to sell.

Price it comparably, depending on how worn the piece is.

These AGL flats took a huge price cut because I have had them resoled and they have a tidge of a scratch on the front left toe.

DO NOT over price your item if it 
is used and janky!

Step 3 -- Photograph your own closet's lovely merchandise.

Photographs are everything.  There's no zoom in on Poshmark products (this isn't Nordstrom) nor is there professional lighting or real models.  Unless there are models who are selling their clothes on Poshmark, which is plausible.

Important features to capture:

-  Logos with sizing
-  Special details -- like back pockets
-  A full-length shot of the entire garment
-  A photo of the garment ON the body... if it still fits.
 -->  There was no way I was going to be able to sell this dress if I tried to put it on, ya dig? 

Photograph on a "blank" canvas!  There are tons of great items on Poshmark that would sell if they weren't in front of sleezy back drops.  #truth

Step 4  -- List with dignity.

No one wants to read about the time you had a fight with your mom, drank a bunch of wine and ordered a ton of final-sale stuff from J. Crew only to find yourself with a bunch of non-returnable (yet pricey) pieces.  Yikes.

Here's how I listed this well-loved strapless dress from Express:
I have loved this dress but am growing out of it! Very, very pale pink, you can do a lot with this color. Material is a kind of layered chiffon. 

Step 5 -- Promptly respond to requests but don't be a push over

Unlike eBay, there is no bidding.  People will try to talk you down on your price.  Some sellers negotiate.   I  don't offer more than 5% off of what my current listing price is.  Be firm and fair.  

Step 6 --  Once you make a sale!  Jot a "thanks" and snail mail that bad boy...

It's wonderfully courteous to drop your shopper a note with their recently purchased Posh present!

I include handwritten washing instructions, my business card and -- depending on the item -- a few ideas on how to rock it in each note.

Poshmark takes care of sending you a shipping label for each item that you sell (under 2lbs) ... score!

All you have to do is print & affix the label to a little envelope (I bought five padded ones for like $1.99 at Wal Mart)

Ship the item, confirm on your end of the app.
When the buyer receives it, they will confirm.

You get paid by Poshmark and they will direct-deposit your funds into your banking account, no fees attache. Win!

CONTINUE TO "SHARE" YOUR ITEM while it is listed!  

You can share it with your followers and onto their feeds as many times as you like!  The more likes you get, the more others will see it.  I have been posting my listings to Twitter and Pinterest.  Once you've got it all set up, it's easy to tweet and pin from the app!  

Need help listing your item?
Can't decide what to sell or for how much?
Let's connect!

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