How to: Florals

Have you ever noticed that a trend has to stick around for a little while before (most) everyone gets on board?  It's only after a trend has been featured to death in magazine, stores and online that people start to buy into it.  

The floral trend is an excellent example.  I think I can safely say this trend has been around (this time around) for at least a year and it's only now that some of us you are feeling bold enough to r-o-c-k it.  And you should, btw.

"But I'm not the right size for patterns, especially not flowers!"
"But it involves too much color"
"But I can only wear it with one thing"


Here's HOW TO: Florals

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As I routinely preach to my clients, the fastest, most affordable and certainly most reasonable way to update your wardrobe or add trends is NOT to redo your entire wardrobe based on the "looks" of the season --- you need a serious intervention if that's what you think "updating your look" is all about. Updating your wardrobe (often) only means adding a little pop of whatever trend speaks to you.  

You don't have to buy a dress of daffodils or plaster petunias all over your behind.  Stepping up to a trend like this may just mean incorporating one blouse with your favorite colors, or splurging (ahem, not paying your rent for the month?!) on some Manolos:

LASTLY, another simple way to add this fun color/texture/pattern to your every day look is with some snazzy/flowery jewelry.  Which I've fallen victim to.  I'm... not setting a very good example for you folks...