Body In Transition

Maybe it's because I'm involved in Atlanta's fitness scene (thanks, @CaraWeaver10) or maybe it's because people enjoy telling me their stories (I love it!) but I meet tons of women who are in the midst of a weight loss journey.  Those transitional months of trying on pants that are a tidge too loose are exciting but a little frustrating as your current options dwindle!  Whether you have just had a baby or your "whittling your middle" for your upcoming wedding, here are a few tips on how to dress your transforming body...

Wrap it up!
  • Wrap shirts and dresses are a great way to take control of how things fit and give you leeway if you gain/lose a few inches.
  • Wrap shirts, sleeveless wraps, anything you can do to accentuate a fluctuating waistline.
Best Cut (or shape!)

  • Find your best cut in what you already own.
    •  What do you like? What do you hate? 
  • Nix the items that don't highlight your amazingness!
  • Pay special attention to necklines: this where your Stylist can help you determine the best cut.
    see more helpful tips & pins, here
  • Ladies, you will need new brasiers, your girls will shift (and maybe shrivel a little!) 
  • Once you have met your final, happy weight, get measured by a professional.  I suggest Intimacy.

Accessorize...especially if you are losing weight drastically/quickly and can't rely on your size to stay the same from week to week.
  • Flattering statement pieces, scarves and snappy shoes will call attention away from ill-fitting jackets or pants.  (But definitely avoid wear the ill-fitting things if you can, obv.) 
  • I suggest Stella & Dot, which carries all my fave accessories.
Fake it til ya make it...
  • Thrifting, consignment stores and Goodwill.  
  • Don't go investing in pieces that will only fit for a few weeks. 
  • You can find great, gently used pieces to carry you over until you're ready to SPLURGEST!

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