What's the big deal?

What does that mean? What does it look like?

A styling session with me is 1-3 hours 
of (fabulous) mayhem in your closet.

---  Together, we will go through your closet, figure out what needs to go, stay, be sold or altered.
---  We will make definitive decisions about the pieces that still have tags on them (you know what I'm talking about...) or pieces that you're holding onto but haven't quite figured out how to wear.
---  We will talk about what your style is and what it is NOT!!!

Many women just need an extra pair of eyeballs on their clothes to see how to wear things in more ways, with different options...

Your wardrobe will expand after one appointment, with no added pieces.  Guaranteed.

You will receive a custom look book of 
"new" outfits using what you already own...

SPRING is around the corner!
we can strategize what to wear to all the weddings of the season,
pick out pieces to add,
and decide where to invest. 

Know what to do with everything you have?
Take me shopping with you!  
---  How many of your clothes look... the same?  Some of them?  A majority of them?  ALL OF THEM?  I can help you break that "vicious" cycle :)

---  We don't have to shop OR take your closet apart.  Meet with me to discuss your goals and I will create a custom vision board for you, one that will meet your budget, flatter your body and make you feel AMAZING.  

Photo shoots---  You can have the best photographer in the world but without the proper attire, your pics can fall flat, colors can be off and you (solo or with someone else) can (potentially) look like a tree.  Or a pancake.   Allow me to style your photo shoot.  

Engagement photos are in your home for a lifetime.  
Let's find "just the thing" for your engagement shoot!

Dudes... if you're reading this... here's your answer:

This may feel like an indulgence... but you will be delighted with your return on investment.
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