Turtlenecks: How To

I don't know why I get irritated when everyone and their mother (yes, all of the mothers) post on facebook about the same damn thing.  Could be football, could be politics, could be anything.  Today, it's the weather that people are posting about... yep, it's cold.  Thanks for updating that to social media, never would've gotten the memo without your post.

This is my favorite post about the repetitive subject
Straight from the mouth of the Queen Cobra, herself.  Love her.
So, if I'm going to weigh-in on the weather situation, I'll also make it relevant to my work/love: clothes.  Duh.  

Every year I have the same chat (with myself, totally normal...) about COLD weather clothes: 
I live in the South, I've always lived in the South; global warming is for real, do I really need to invest major bucks in a bunch of cold weather clothes? Besides, what's sexy about being so covered up?!  
These sentiments about cold weather clothing come from my mother (sorry to throw you under the bus, Mom but... Julia and I talked about it and it's true).  Here is the only photo I could find of us kids in warm clothes:
Circa: forever ago.
Austin: peanut-age, Julia: looking hamster-y in floral & tights
& Yours Truly: keepin' it classy with a turtleneck, jumper dress & denim jacket.
Every year in Myrtle Beach, the cold would set in and Mom would say, "It won't be cold for that long!  You're going to want Spring clothes before you know it!"  And it's true... a sure-fire way to trick me into something is to put the carrot of another thing in front of me.  Ahh, the allure of Spring clothes!  

NEWSFLASH (to Mom and all of you):
Spring isn't going to be here for another 3+ months.
Buy cold weather appropriate clothes.

Here's my tip of the day, particularly for you ladies who are as flat-chested - or even moderately-size-chested - as I am: go get yo'self some turtlenecks.  While I rarely ever, ever buy clothing at Target -- you can totally get carried away with cute but poor quality clothes in there -- I broke down and purchased two of these bad boys on Sunday: 
Target: MERONA.
Not a joke.
I got this eggplant-colored beauty ^ (darker than it appears in the image) and 
this heathered oatmeal one: 

They fit as pictured above, very fitted/body skimming.  If you're not comfortable with the clingy fit, pair with a fun vest over which you can add a jacket.  Here's one way I've worn this warm little gem:

How to: Turtle Neck

turtle necks: how to by lgcstylist8 featuring MERONA.

Super simple concept: go with all neutrals, add in a little punch of pattern (Louis Vuitton belt) and texture (fur vest).  Layer in a little bling and you're ready to run out the door.  

Here's a more office-appropriate approach to the turtle neck:
Turtle Necks: How To (2)

turtle necks: how to (2) by lgcstylist8 featuring MERONA.

More how-to posts like this one to roll out 
in 2014, ya'll.  

So, I know it's cold outside but guys... come on, this is perfect cuddling weather!  Go buy yourself a $9 turtleneck, some instant hot chocolate (unless you have a better alternative, Cara Weaver) add a little Bailey's to cut the sweetness (you'll thank me for the tip), "grab & snuggle" (as per Neda's suggestion) and ENJOY the cold!