Shoot 'em down

My partner in crime, Cara Weaver, played this track as a climbing song at flywheel saying "don't let the road drag you down, OWN IT" and it immediately made me think of this scene from Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

Saw this film twice in theaters. Loved it. Strong, savvy, independent female character?  
Check, check, check.

Which of course led me to think about (aren't you glad you've joined me for a journey through my super randomly related thoughts?) what it feels like to take down the enemy. I typically don't use that word, "enemy" ... mostly because I like to think that I don't have any actual, living, human enemies.  But I do have negative thoughts, as we all do. If you never have negative thoughts, by all means, please email me and tell me what kind of medication you're on.

This year I want to help you focus on something that I've been working on for quite some time, taming the chatter (of all varieties) that goes on in the mind almost constantly: 
What will my parents think?  I need a manicure.  Whoa, I need a pedicure, too.  Where should I shop for health insurance? That's it, I'm buying a standard poodle. Is that another gray hair?  He's just not that into me.  He's way too into me. Maybe I should join a gym... no, maybe I should join a circus!!!  What am I having for dinner?  I should move to Cambodia.

And then there's the negative self talk:
Too dumb, too broke, too much, too little, too tall, too short, too fat, too much, too little.
Do we ever get it right?!

Arrow that junk DOWN, girl!  Each one of those pockets of negativity is keeping you from becoming your greatest you, your inner goddess, your highest form of fabulousness!  If you're a visualizer like I am, think of shooting each of those rotten thoughts down with an arrow.  

They don't belong in your world. They aren't serving you.  TAKE. THEM. OUT. 

So, my tip for you today is not a style tip (when was the last time I even posted a style tip?!), it's a warrior goddess tip!  The road is YOURS to conquer, tame, own, rule, however you want to look at it. You are bigger than whatever you're facing right now.  

The next time you see the big bad uglies coming your way watch this clip, listen to this song, shoot down the dis-serving bullshit and move on!