Same Kind of Different

Wealthy women, single women, career-women, short women, old women and fit women; college-educated girls or beauty school drop out girls, female criminals, celebrities, politicians.  All women get labeled.  But truly, honestly... there are only two categories in which all women fall:

There is small space for interpretation between these two categories (joking) but generally speaking, this is the way it is folks.  You either schlep around in work out gear before/after your work outs -- or maybe you don't work out at all, whatever -- or you reserve your fitness attire strictly for the gym.  The latter is a small population.  If you're in the "I live in my work out clothes" category, follow me. I am here to help you... help you stay in your work out clothes... and look awesome wearing them all day long.

This is indubitably my favorite topic... so get used to it.

I found these two photos in an article featuring celebrities
who "look flawless even in dumpy workout clothes"

Ok first of all, get a grip, COSMO.  Jake Gyllenhaal is not the only thing that T. Swift and Reese have in common... they both be lookin' wratched after their work outs.  You cannot look flawless in dumpy work out clothes.  Period.  And before you think I'm hating on looking like you actually worked out post-work-out, let me be the first to say hayll no.  I, too, have been caught with the same gruesome look on my face on multiple ocassions:

DO tilt your screen and be sure to see the extreme sweat zone across my mid-section.
But a really kick-A work out does not earn you a free "get out of changing into real clothes" card.  This is not appropriate for the rest of your day:

This, as a post-work out/wear all day outfit ... is not cute.  It does not receive what many of my clients are calling "the WLC stamp of approval."  You can forget about the fact that every thread on my body is lululemon and therefore rather costly... it's the schlep of it that just doesn't work.  The pants need to be more flared over the shoe, the sleeveless tank is too blousy combined with the open jacket and pants; it's also a little too low in the front which makes the hips look a bit wider than a shorter top would.  And I'm wearing a low support bra that (albeit super comfy!) does nothing for the ladies.

Ugh!  I just want to wear tennis shoes!
Ugh!  I was told that if I invest in good work out gear, I could wear it all day long!
Ugh!  Why does it suck to be a woman?!

Stop it.
You can absolutely kick it in your sneaks.
You should invest in your work out gear (you'll be wearing it all day long)
It doesn't suck to be a woman, you fool!  You just need the right tools to make everything that you want WORK!

Here is MY proper formula to wearing work out gear all day long and guess what?  It will probably (definitely) look TOTALLY different for you, so don't compare.  This is my style; you have your own, you just have to find (create) it!

I'm still wearing "yoga pants," -- Skinny Will pants -- but these are far more flattering (on me!)

I'm still wearing a loose/baggy tee shirt -- Wild Fox Couture -- more personality/flair + better cut
I'm still wearing a low support bra -- Free People lace halter bra -- adds both texture and color to an other wise black/white ensemble.

Killin' it in my Nike "Dunk Sky High" #snedges, which are so comfortable and so bad ass ... I just cannot even explain.  Obviously I would not work out in these.  Duh.

And I had to add some bling... always have to add some bling... in which to run around town:

Are these items "work out clothes"?  Not all of them, no. But it's the same kind of different, friends.  Do they FEEL like "work out clothes"?  YES!  If not even more comfortable!!! It is so stinkin' doable, too.  Anyone can pull off the "may have gone to yoga this morning, may not have" look.  You just have to find what is best for you, your body, your lifestyle.  I know someone who can help you achieve this look, according to you... click here.