Endless Possibilities: Date Night

This month's "Endless Possibilities" is focused on Date Night!
Here are a couple of my favorite outfit options for an evening with that special someone... 

Endless (Date Night) Possibilities!

Consider that your clothes are like a room full of friends -- bare with me.  You have your college pals, your travel buddies and your fitness friends.  But you probably rarely hang out with them all at once.  

Pull them together.  Your girlfriend who lived in Southeast Asia can't wait to meet your diva-pal who was on America's Next Top Model -- just like your graphic tee can't wait to meet your cage-peep-toe heels (these two items are the same price, btw!)  Notice that I've paired lots of "wowy-zowy" (that's a phrase my mother uses) items with more low-key pieces: leather pants with flats, tulle skirt + heels with graphic tee + denim jacket, casual booties with an awesome statement piece.  

It's the combination of glam and casual that makes these outfits really pop so, go ahead... mix it up!  Put your granola friends with your high fashion friends; they'll thank you for the introduction.