Winter Work Out Wardrobe

I've always been more of an indoor athlete...

Sarah Hart & Me at HEAT
(and/or yogi):
Mom (left), me (right)
(I love to brag on her!!!)
Typically, as soon as it gets cold enough to wear UGGS indoors, I refuse to do outdoor workouts (i.e. long distance running, boot camps, etc.) But since my mother is a total bad-A and because her Myrtle Beach trainer, Molly Piercy is the bees' knees, I tolerated the cold weather (only for an hour!) for a killer work out last month:

I promise it was a super tough work out... we're only smiling because it's OVER!
Now that I'm back in Atlanta, I'm venturing into other outdoor boot camps with the fabulous Julie White and I feel the need to bring up an extremely important winter-work-out-worry of mine... WARM CLOTHES! 

Julie is in the middle, up top!
The recipe for a nasty winter cold or bug: 
wet (sweaty) skin + chilly ears + 
sweaty/cold feet + frozen fingers

Yuck.  The insides of my ears hurt just thinking about it!!! Baggy t-shirts, baseball caps and football sweatshirts are just not going to cut it for your outdoor fitness routines, ya'll.

Here are three tips to stop the 
vicious cold/flu cycle before it begins.

 1)  Choose body-skimming, moisture wicking, fleecy-warm fabrics like RULU:

2) AVOID moving around in wet, cold clothes and check out the following options to keep your cheeks (both sets!) toasty so you can focus on getting toned:
If you're going to spend money on your work outs (which you will, duh) you might as well stay WELL enough to remain active through the season!  And yes, so much of your ability to do so is in your "gear."

3)  Come prepared!  This means gloves, socks, leg warmers, hats, ear muffs AND
water (room-temperature so as not to shock your body in the freezing weather!), vaseline, kleenex (I do not wish this look on you or anyone else) and even an extra bra (lady-friends) and base layer for post-work out dryness.  You shouldn't have to change immediately after your work out if you're in the right gear!

Happy sweating (in style)!