The Bigger Issue

Many of my readers know that in addition to playing cheerleader in each of my clients' closets and homes, I also work four days a week at an awesome internationally-known athletic apparel shop just two block from my apartment.  #joblove. I'm obsessed with it.

Sometimes my girlfriends show up wearing the same thing to work.
 They're so cute, I can't help but show them off. 
Major digression any time the topic of my co-workers comes up.  
I could ramble for days on the topic of their amazing-ness-es.  

Anyway, you know what I see a whole heck of a lot of?  Take a guess...

Here are a few of my followers' guesses:

Mark is a trip. Thank you, Mark. 
Women buying clothes that are too big. Yes, stretchy clothes (the kind of clothing sold in the store where I work) can high-light unwanted features (read: cellulite; we've all got it!) but you know what's worse than seeing a few dimples?  Visually adding on the pounds with extra fabric.  Girlfriend!  You go to the gym for a few reasons and you can't tell me that one of those reasons isn't to look a little more slim as the years pass by (in addition to the health benefits of working out, duh)... am I right?  So don't go adding that weight back on, visually, with extra fabric.  

This goes for so much more than athletic apparel.  I frequently see women who have lost weight and are still wearing several sizes too big or have had children and are still wearing maternity-esque clothing.  I know it's got to be comfortable.  I know you want to be comfortable. You can be ultra chic and comfortable AND still show off WHATEVER it is that qualifies as your best asset(s). 

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I don't like to use myself as an example because this is not about me, it's about you and guess what? our bodies and lifestyles and incomes are different... so we're going to dress differently.  Duh.  But bare with me while I give you a few ideas just to think outside of the box in regards to your chic-comfy-style...

lululemon studio pants II make your butt look ahhhh-mazing. 
take my word on this one. I have at least four pair of them.
- a comfy worn-in tee tie at the back: instant waist accentuation
converse kicks: a classic, fun way to throw in a little color 
or keep it neutral with gray, white, black or tan.
- and a headpiece to pull it all together.  

OWN your SIZE and with it, your ASSETS!