inner goddess

This is the lock-screen image on my iPhone right now. I wish I could remember where I found this image on the interwebs.  Anyway, I've adopted her as my inner-goddess; she is who I imagine when I think of myself connected to my Higher Power.  I'm all about it. 

Russel Brand is an absolute loony-bin.  Just pretend it's not actually him who is saying all of this because the message is actually pretty freakin' rad:
clip from Australia Today

"Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you BEAM like the sun." That's totally my favorite part.  I believe it with all of my heart, mind and soul.  In my opinion, so much of success -- of any kind! -- hinges on what and who we tell ourselves that we are.

It was only recently that I discovered this crazy pattern that I've created in the past eight Moleskine that I've stormed through since 2008.  Full disclosure, I go through periods of downright sloppy rottenness.  In the past, I've written things that are totally, TOTALLY untrue about myself, my relationships, my work ethic, the way my family feels about me, etc.  Those words in my journal(s) reflect whatever period of down-right-rotten-ness I was in at the time.  Thoughts, especially self-depricating thoughts, become... beliefs.  You begin to believe all the things that you are telling yourself, you may even search through your brain to find evidence of what others have said to or about you in order to promote that wretched feeling.  Oh, tell me I'm not the only one who does this...

Sounds like I'm a real expert at this stuff, huh?  It's because I've moved through these periods time and time again. That's the repetitive bit that I referenced earlier.  We all go through this.

Reconnecting to my inner goddess, the Lillian that is still no matter where on earth the physical body resides, the Lillian that has rich, vibrant, undeniable access to the Lord at any time that His name is spoken, whispered or shouted, that Lillian, goddess-Lillian (if you will), is the real Lillian.  Goddess-Lillian is the truest form of who I am at my core, it is the one connected to The Ultimate Creator, the Highest Power.

Who knows who this bad ass chick is...
She's another goddess-image of mine.  How awesome would it be if I received an email from this woman's great, great grand daughter saying "yo, that's my grandma, can you take the half-nude pic of her off your silly blog?"

I encourage you to locate an image... or several images! that will remind you to reconnect, re-center and re-focus on the strongest version of YOU, the inner-you, the creature God created you to be.  Ground yourself into the power of your inner goddess (or warrior, or panther or whatever you want to call your Higher Self!) and simultaneously reach for the One who created you with such mighty strength.