Stocking Up Your Gift Closet...

***disclaimer: I do not own Stella & Dot, it is not my company.  I am a lead stylist with Stella & Dot and act as a salesperson for Stella & Dot accessories.  All purchases must be made through Stella & Dot (visit my webpage: Or I can take your order via email/phone and place it for you. 

Stella & Dot gifts under $25

- Here is a list of "Gifts under $50" on the Stella & Dot website - listed lowest to highest $$$

-  If you have a little girlie girl at home, our little girls' jewelry is super cute!  Stocking up on some of these little $14 bracelet sets for your little one's friends is an easy way to knock out all that last-minute shopping for bday gifts.  

-  The majority of our stud earrings are $24, some are $19. Some are $29.
------- This is a favorite gift of mine to give:  Delicate Drop Earrings, they are so elegant, look expensive but they're a great price ($24)!  

-  The friendship bracelets (there are three different ones) are only $19 and they each have a little message inside:  this one says "Sparkle from the Light Within"
Inline image 2
This ^^ is the "Light bracelet" ... there is a "Love" and a "Courage" bracelet, as well.

Our "SPIRIT" bracelet is the Autism Awareness Bracelet:

If you would like to include information on the Autism Awareness Items, I'm happy to print this on card-stock and send it to you to give with your gifts...

My last suggestion for gifts would be our new little make-up bags:
Inline image 4 
They're called "Poufs" and they're $22!  The outer lining is totally wipe-able and they come in a variety of prints and colors.  I took a picture so you could see the size of mine!

Hope this helps!  Feel free to visit and order, here:

I love knocking out my gift-giving!