This is like Confessions Of A Shopaholic, only different. 
This is... Confessions of Lillian's Disorganized Closet.
Yes, I'm feeling vulnerable.  Very vulnerable.

Okay... here it is, the ugly, the dusty and the disorganized...

(Did I mention that this is super embarrassing?!)
^ Why the hayll was I saving those shoe boxes?!?
Clothes on the left shelf: jammies
Clothes on the right shelf: lululemon

Yup, this is how I was storing my toes, handbags and boots...

Lawd... why am I even sharing this?  Gruesome.

Bottom drawer: tennis shoes & various socks (?)
Next drawer: sweaters and other warm stuff
Top two drawers: various sports bras, underwear, socks of all kinds... yikes

(notice crazy-town disorganization under my coats...)

This is where my washer & dryer would live if I had either.
Well, I don't have either and it serves very well as a coat and dress closet.
Don't judge, my sister lives downstairs and I use hers.

Now I would like to say a few things:
1) My closet is very, very oddly shaped... kind of like a weird triangle.
2) I go through and consign/Goodwill items out of my closet EVERY month or even every three weeks.  
3) I only keep what I love.

A Panorama of my newly reformed closet:
Left side of closet:
left to right -- long-sleeve button-downs, skirts, ivory tops & blouses
stripes & bold colored long sleeves, sleeveless and short-sleeves, 
sweater-thick long-sleeves.

This system might not make sense to you and that's okay!!! 
The way you organize your closet should be easy and accessible for 

Right side of closet:
left to right -- pants... non-denim, 
white denim, colored/printed denim, denim.
lululemon pants... tightest to loosest fitting
lululemon tops bright colors to black

Top Shelves:
The left side of my closet holds a few organized boxes,
left to right: 
tights in a box, leg warmers & wool scarves (rolled up nice & small),
hiking boots in a box -- they have cement on the bottom of them!


(I got mine for $9.99 because they are discontinuing this kind 
BUT there's another one coming out, the ALGOT system)

TA DA!!!

I used the deep buckets for the first two sets where I stored tall boots.
The bin on the right is full of my heavy sweaters and cashmere.  
The lid will keep dust out!

Yeah, I'm going there...
I told you this was full disclosure!
I work out a lot... like a lot(!!!) so, I have undergarments 
organized by work-out vs non-work-out stuff.

No need to hang these: 
rolled up lululemon luon & luxtreme crops & pants

Roll 'em and face them UP so you can tell them all apart.

Current fav: 
The TIGER belt that I nabbed from my grandparents' attic.
They're hardcore Clemson University fans.
I had the leather of the belt cut down and had holes added.
It's looked super awesome with denim and as a waist belt!

Many of the belts in this drawer were designed by my
mom and her sister (H.V. Young) in the 80's.
Their accessory line was featured in Saks & Bendel's before I was born!

As for my coat closet...

My coats are now sharing space with all of my 
Stella & Dot paper products, perfectly organized!

One of my two shoe racks... super easy storage from Wal-Mart!

And Audrey is still keeping watch over my wardrobe...
making sure I stay classy.

Organizing is something that my clients can do on their own; it really helps us to focus on styling and look-book creating when your closet is already organized.  If you don't have time, energy or space to do this, ask me! I really enjoy the organizational aspect of wardrobe consulting and would love to help you make your closet a little more manageable!