The Right Team Members

With the right "TEAM" you can do anything.

Here at
we believe that building supportive networks is crucial. 
As much as you'd like to think you can do it all on your own
you can't.

The smartest, most powerful and influential people in the world have a web of workers underneath them that encourage, influence and inspire their leaders. 

Here's a big portion of my team, the glue that holds me 
together and keeps me flying straight:
Leah, Em Boe, Dani, Em Pensy, Maggie, Sarah, Katie & Ashleigh 

So, let's talk about team members.  

Your team may look something like this:
1) sister  2) trainer  3) gynecologist (let's be real) 4) best friend
5) your mailman (someone's gotta bring you those HauteLook packages)
6) your small group girlfriends (pictured above)
 7) your therapist (if you don't have one... what are you doing with your life?)
8) your hairdresser 
(mine is especially amazing if you're looking for one: Aaron Rohling of Salon Modello.)

(oh, that's my team...)

And to top it all off, 

You have your stylist (that's me.) 

I want to be on your team. 

I will cheer you on, encourage you, coach you and 
show you how to dress yourself in a way that reflects your inner beauty. 

Here are a few comments from recent clients:

"I thought I had to have permission to look nice until you boosted my self-esteem and gave me the confidence to dress the way I've always wanted to." 

"Your work helps women like me to feel whole"

"Lillian made me laugh til I bent over -- she was honest, I got down to my underwear and let her show me how to put clothes on, how to even hang clothes on the hanger (mine were lumpy.)  She showed me how to pair my scarves and my necklaces with the correct necklines, how to throw in a splash of color where needed. She laughed at herself and helped me to laugh at my fashion faux-pas, too!"

"I know for certain that I simply glow anytime I wear an outfit that Lillian has breathed inspiration into!"

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