Pajama Princess

Julia (3.5 years old) & Me (9 or 10 months)

There are not enough "good" adjectives to describe my feelings towards pajamas.  
Or as I like to call them, jam-jams or jammies.  

This post is the product of an inspiring quote from a six year old who I babysat recently: 
"Do you like my bathrobe? I put it on and turn into a princess every night." 
Um. YES!

This is the perfect time to post one of my favorite photos (again):

Mommy in her silk kimono, me in Julia's lap.
Mom really does look like a princess, doesn't she?
I think jammies have that effect on a gal.

I feel confident in saying that I can describe every single one of my pajama sets in the past (at least) fifteen years, including but not limited to:

My Limited Too lime green silk summer jammies with bees on them
(Mom, if you have photos of these, please fwd them to me...)

My poodle nightgown (silly): 

And of course, my famous "fruit jams":

Here are some of my suggestions for yummy, lovely, long-lasting jammies.  
Pajamas make for great gifts!

Favorite brands
Garnet Hill
LOVE these!  They feel like lotion infused cotton strands.  So soft.

Victoria's Secret

Anything back less or low back = instant win in my book.

Victoria's Secret

Comfy & Princess-esque!




These would exponentially add to my "princess factor."
My birthday is May 7th, FYI.


LOVE this color! Perfect for summer sleepies.


My all time favorite robe is from Anthro.
This could be my all-time-second-favorite robe.

Hanky Panky

I heart Hanky Panky EVERYTHING.
Throw in the razor back element and I am sold

Little Giraffe

I have a baby blanket by Little Giraffe
- which I received up on graduating from high school, thanks Mama-


I love everything about this.

- XO -