One Hour of Free Styling - WIN it!

Be honest with yourself.
How many articles of clothing do you own
that you have not worn in years?

- What is keeping you from getting rid of them?
- Are you attached to the days when you could actually fit into said item(s)? 
- Are you thinking you'll be able to fit back said item(s) at some point in your life?
- Do you have pieces that you won't get rid of because you paid so much for them
that seems sinful to move on in life without them?
- Are you waiting for puffy sleeves to come back into style?


We'll get to those issues in a moment.

Right now I want you to:
- Open your facebook page
- click on your "status" bar
- type in my website address:
- "Link" me, Lillian Charles, in the post by typing: @LillianCharles
- Click update.

Now, about those clothing issues you've been having...

if you've followed the above instructions, 
you've just entered a contest to win one free hour of styling(!)

Let's see if we can't take care of those concerns surrounding
"getting dressed" and "letting go" - shall we? 

thanks you for your contest entry.

Contest winners will be drawn when this website has reached 30,350 hits!