Fab Finds From Friends

Ever heard of a
Clothing Swap?  
It may very well be the snazziest idea that I've been exposed to yet...

Here's how Shannon's Sunday Swap worked:

- Everyone brought a bag full of their unwanted clothes.
- We sat in a circle and revealed one item of clothing at a time 
... which usually involved a story or two related to the article of clothing

^ Shannon's "the Shannon Uruguay Drinking Team" sweatshirt - fabulous!

^ An ex's tee shirt

Whomever was interested in the proposed piece claimed it out loud (like a bid.)
          If more than one person was interested in the article of clothing, 
all interested tried it on.

Martha holding up a top that I ended up with... will be perfect
to wear over dance clothes while warming up at NIA!

Those trying on the article decided amongst themselves 
(with fellow-swappers input if needed)
who would take home the coveted piece!

Success stories:

The perfect summer knit dress for Shannon (J.Crew)

A J.Crew Collection skirt for Martha
- you may recognize it from the post I did last week-
Check out Martha's (frequently featured) Etsy Shop: "Marty Makes"

Elizabeth scored a pair of Black House - White Market jeans that were 
far to short and tight on me! On Elizabeth, they resemble
  Rachel Zoe's top pick Hudson Jeans.
(on me... not so much!)
These jeans are meant to be a little loose through out the leg, somewhat like a lenin pant. They are beyond perfect for Elizabeth and she walked away from the swap with fabulous heels to wear with the jeans, too!

When you see someone else looking absolutely fabulous in your clothes (see Martha & Elizabeth in my skirt & jeans!), it's SO easy to let go of them.  I thought to myself many, many times through out the swap, "That __________ it looks so fabulous on _________. I need to find something that looks as good as that on me!"

(2008 photo)
Quite honestly, it is possible that those jeans never looked good on me... 
good riddance!  

Another amazing aspect of this swap was the (seriously) magical way that eight or so women of completely varying sizes were able to fit into one anothers' clothes!  As we held up our clothes, we learned that one woman's weight loss or weight gain played to the favor of someone else being able to wear clothes that were now too large or too small for the original... fantastic!

Are you interested in hosting a clothing swap but need some help organizing the event? Let me help you decide which clothes need to be entered into the swap and later, how to negotiate who takes home what at your "Swap." 

And for a giggle...
a not so successfully swapped piece:

A baby's fur leopard headband with a bow.
Although I was the likeliest candidate to bring this 
"fabulous" accessory home, 
--- given short hair & love for leopard ---
I think this little doodad ended up in the Goodwill pile!