Shopping Algorithm

algorithm |ˈalgəˌriðəm|nouna process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, esp. by a computera basic algorithm for division.
shopping algorithm
1.  is it worth the money?
2.  set of rules to be applied to make my decision
3.  my way of justifying purchases.

People, times are tough.  The economy is (still) on the strugg 
and we're ALL on "a budget" ... of some form or another.  
So how do you decide if what you want is justifiable
If you don't have an answer to this question 
for the item you have in mind, continue reading.  

current real case scenario example:

I want these:

And I am going to sell you on the all the reasons 
why I should buy these shoes by 
answering questions from my
"Shopping Algorithm"

  • During what seasons will I be able to wear this item?
    • ALL!  Leather flats can be worn year round.
    • And I like to think that I will wear them when I don't have a time for a pedicure in the summer.  A nice no-sandals option.
5 flat collection from
  • What will the cost return be?
    • This is an easy question to answer.  Think about ANY items that may be similar quality/price as a previous purchase. 
      • Have I purchased from FRYE before? Absolutely.  They are my top-recommended boot.
      • The pairs of FRYE boots that I own have been wonderful, I've walked miles and miles and miles and miles in them and they've held up perfectly.
      • The return investment on my first pair of FRYE boots has got to be at most 5 cents per wear... divide $378 by 5 and you get 75.6. 
        • If' I've worn my boots AT LEAST 75.6 times -- and I've worn them far more than that -- than I have paid 5 cents in these boots, each time.
^^ FRYE boots ^^
  • Do I have anything else in my wardrobe that is similar to this item AND will I be adding a "repeat" item to my wardrobe by purchasing this?
    • Yes & No.
    • Yes: I have other flats 
      • But only one other pair are pointy-toed and we know that pointy is more flattering than round or square-toed.
    • No other flats in this color and none that are leather (my other pair is hot pink suede.) 
^^ "minnie" pants + flats. ^

Check - Check - Check